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A parlay is the selection of 2 or more teams (up to 10) in no particular order in a single wager. All teams in the parlay must win, if there is a tie it reverts to the next lowest number for payoff. (Example: If you select 4 teams and one ties, it becomes a three team parlay). Tie and win on two teamer becomes straight bet (90% of wager)


  Friday Only Special
Parlay Odds[-105]
Regular Daily Parlay Odds
2 Teams 2.8/1 13/5
3 Teams 6.4/1 6/1
4 Teams 13.5/1 10/1
5 Teams 27/1 20/1
6 Teams 54/1 40/1
7 Teams 107/1 75/1
8 Teams 210/1 150/1
9 Teams 411/1 300/1
10 Teams 804/1 700/1
11 Teams 1,570/1 1,100/1
12 Teams 3,066/1 1,800/1


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True Odds for Baseball and European Lines

The odds on a multiple or an accumulator are calculated by multiplying the prices of the selections together, but remembering to include the stake amount. Let's assume you place a double on two selections, with odds of a/b and c/d. The calculation to work out your returns (including your stake) is as follows:

[ (a+b)/b * (c+d)/d ] times your stake


You place 10 on two selections, with odds of 2/1 and 7/2. The calculation is as follows:

[ (2+1)/1 * (7+2)/2 ] times your stake of 10 = 13.5 times your stake of 10

Your returns are therefore 135.00 (including your stake)

Please note that wagering on both sides of the same event in Parlays and Teasers is not allowed and will result in all wagers in which teams are bet on opposite sides of the event being graded as a loss.