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Woodbine Racetrack

Track Length: 1 Mile
Stretch Length: 975 Feet
Stretch Width: 85 Feet
Infield Capacity: 12000
Clubhouse Capacity:
Grand Stand Capacity: 13000
Parking Capacity: 14700
Price General Admission:
Price Clubhouse:
Price Turf Club:

Woodbine Racetrack
555 Rexdale Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario, M9W 5L2

(416)- 675-7223

Racing Dates: 2011-04-02 until 2011-12-04
Number of Racing Days:

Current Conditions:
Partly Cloudy, 10 F

Thu - Mostly Clear. High: 16 Low: 10
Fri - PM Snow Showers/Wind. High: 25 Low: -5
Sat - Cloudy. High: 1 Low: -10
Sun - Mostly Sunny. High: 13 Low: 8
Mon - PM Snow Showers. High: 32 Low: 28

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Woodbine Racetrack History

Woodbine Racetrack is the only horse racing track in North America, which stages thoroughbred and standard-bred horse racing programs on the same day. Woodbine Entertainment Group, formerly the Ontario Jockey Club owns this racetrack. Woodbine Racetrack was opened in 1956 and got a face lift in 1993. The renovation work continued for ten long years and was completed in 2004. The name of the racetrack was changed to Old Woodbine or Greenwood Race Track in 1956. The two thoroughbred and two standard bred meets conducted at this racetrack were transferred to the new Woodbine in 1994 it had been exclusively devoted to thoroughbred racing. In 1996, The Breeders Cup World Thoroughbred Championship was held at Woodbine.

More About Woodbine Racetrack

Restaurant and bar Virtual Tours Trackside dining Closed circuit monitors dining areas several, from fine dining to concession areas crushed limestone base, Traprock surface.

Woodbine Racetrack Stakes

Stakes Grade Purse Date
Queens Plate Stakes-CAN$1 million
Colin Stakes-$125,000July 26
Vandal Stakes$150,000August 09
Ontario Debutante Stake$150,000August 15
Eternal Search Stakes$125,000August 22
Sky Classic StakesII$250,000August 23
Play the King StakesII$200,000August 29
Ontario Colleen Stakes$150,000August 30
Seaway StakesIII$150,000September 05
Vice Regent Stakes$125,000September 06
Algoma Stakes$125,000September 07
Elgin Stakes$125,000September 07
Halton Stakes$125,000September 07
Muskoka Stakes$125,000September 07
Simcoe Stakes$125,000September 07
La Prevoyante Stakes$125,000September 12
Swynford Stakes$150,000September 13
Overskate Stakes$125,000September 13
Northern Dancer Breeders\' Cup TurfI$750,000September 20
Canadian StakesII$300,000September 20
Selene StakesIII$250,000September 26
Ontario Derby$150,000September 27
Victorian Queen Stakes$125,000October 03
Carotene Stakes$150,000October 04
Durham Cup StakesIII$150,000October 04
Classy \'n Smart Stakes$125,000October 07
Mazarine Breeders\' Cup StakesIII$250,000October 10
Grey Breeders' Cup StakesIII$250,000October 11
Bull Page Stakes$125,000October 12
Pattison Canadian InternationalI$2,000,000October 17
E.P. Taylor S.I$1,000,000October 16
Cup and Saucer Stakes$250,000October 18
Bunty Lawless Stakes$125,000October 24
Fanfreluche Stakes$150,000October 25
Princess Elizabeth Stakes$250,000October 31
Ontario Fashion Stakes150,000November 01
Frost King Stakes$125,000November 04
Coronation Futurity-$250,000November 17
South Ocean Stakes$125,000November 11
Autumn StakesII$150,000November 14
Glorious Song Stakes$150,000November 15
Jammed Lovely Stakes$150,000November 15
Kennedy Road StakesIII$150,000November 21
Bessarabian Stakes150,000November 22
Kingarvie Stakes-$125,000December 02
Ontario Lassie Stakes$150,000November 29
Sir Barton Stakes$125,000December 02
Display Stakes-$150,000December 01
Valedictory Stakes$150,000December 06
La Lorgnette Stakes$150,000May 23
Lady Angela Stakes$125,000May 24
Marine Stakes III$150,000May 26
Nassau StakesII$300,000June 05
Eclipse StakesIII$150,000June 05
Bold Ruckus Stakes$125,000June 05
New Providence Stakes$125,000June 09
Steady Growth Stakes$125,000June 12
Plate Trial Stakes$150,000June 13
Alywow Stakes$100,000June 13
Victoria Stakes$150,000June 22
Zadracarta Stakes$100,000June 19
Hill 'n' Dale Stakes$100,000June 20
My Dear Stakes$150,000June 26
King Edward Breeders' Cup StakesII$300,000June 27
Victoria Park Stakes$150,000June 27
Dominion Day Stakes$200,000July 01
Sweet Briar Too Stakes$100,000July 01
Achievement Stakes$150,000July 03
Clarendon Stakes$150,000July 07
Highlander Stakes II$200,000July 04
Singspiel Stakes III$150,000July 04
Charlie Barley Stakes$100,000July 04
Ontario Damsel Stakes$150,000July 10
Bison City Stakes$250,000July 11
Bold Venture Stakes$150,000July 17
Passing Mood StakesII$125,000July 21
Nijinsky StakesIII$300,000July 24
Ontario Matron Stakes$150,000July 25
Deputy Minister Stakes$125,000July 28
Wonder Where Stakes$250,000August 01
Shepperton Stakes.$125,000August 04
Duchess Stakes$150,000August 07
Seagram Cup StakesIII$150,000August 08
Ontario Debutante Stakes$150,000August 14
Breeders Stakes$500,000August 15

How to get there:

Woodbine Racetrack is located at Rexdale that is a neighborhood city of Toronto. It is situated in the northeastern corner of the city, in the northern part of the former City of Etobicoke. TTC bus travels to and from the Islington Subway station and drops near the main entrance doors at Woodbine on the Bloor-Danforth line. 191 Hwy 27 Rocket picks up at Hwy 27 and drops off at Queens Plate Drive (a 5 - 10 minute walk to Woodbine). The bus travels from the Kipling Subway Station (on the Bloor-Danforth line) and comes at Woodbine Racetrack. Bus service from Westwood Mall to Woodbine connects passengers from Islington Subway station and Mississauga City Centre Transit Terminal.