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Breeders Cup Handicapping Tips

The Breeders' Cup World Championship of horse racing at Churchill Downs November 2nd and 3rd, 2018 and will showcase the greatest horses on the planet racing to be named the greatest horse in their respective classes. It is truly the ultimate festival of horse racing and some horse racing fans and punters consider it to be the World Series or Super Bowl of equine sporting events. Over the course of 2 days, over $25 million dollars worth of purses will be handed out over 14 races featuring horses from every major horse racing nation on the planet.

The Breeders' Cup represents a fairly large challenge for casual bettors as there are simply too many horses to follow. While the payoffs are generally huge, it is very difficult to follow multiple horses in multiple races from a variety of countries and then guess which horse is better. The up side is that for seasoned veterans who follow horse racing on a day to day basis, there are lots of opportunities to be had when making pari-mutuel bets. Here is a list of the top challenges and tips we have to offer horse racing fans. Bet on the Breeders Cup with confidence and increase your winnings.

Breeders' Cup Handicapping Challenge: 14 Races to Track and Follow

Over the course of two days, there are 14 races taking place at Churchill Downs featuring between six and fourteen horses per race. The first day represents ladies day and consists of 6 races. The second day features 8 races. Generally handicappers can reduce the number of true contenders in any given race however in the Breeders' Cup this becomes more challenging. There are true Breeders' Cup Contenders in every race so betting on every race is tough to do.

Breeders' Cup Handicapping Challenge Tip: Pick Your Battles

Unless you are a seasoned bettor with ample amounts of time to handicap the field in each race it is very tough to cover all the races. Pick a few races featuring horses your are the most familiar with and focus on them. Otherwise you could be throwing money away and may as well go buy a lotto ticket.

Breeders' Cup Handicapping Challenge: Every Horse is a Winner

Every race in the Breeders' Cup features horses that have won major races somewhere in the world so there really are no slouches to instantly eliminate as contenders. Generally horse racing fans can make a case for every horse as a potential contender.

Breeders' Cup Handicapping Challenge Tip: Place your bets early to get better odds.

When the fields are this big, it is important to lock in the best odds possible and you can do so by betting well in advance of the big races. Take advantage of early odds to win that can offer up to twice the payouts you will find the day of the race. Once you have locked in big odds early, come back to them on the day of the race and hedge away using recent practice times, news updates and the daily racing form.

Breeders' Cup Handicapping Challenge: There are so many horses

In a regular race, it is somewhat easy to eliminate half the horses as potentialwinner. During the Breeders' Cup World Championship of horse racing every horse is a contender.

Breeders' Cup Handicapping Tip: Bet with confidence

When the fields are this big and this talented, you have to do some research. Every jockey is a champion, every owner is a champion and every horse is a champion but there are still some duds and studs. Pick the horses you know best and eliminate those you don't. Sure you might eliminate a winner but such is life in horse betting. The goal is to narrow the field so your final decision is a bit easier.

Breeders' Cup Handicapping Challenge: Huge favorites

While the Breeders' Cup may feature champions from all around the world there are still some big favorites. Horse racing is just like any other sport where winners win and losers lose. Where can this help you the most?

Breeders' Cup Handicapping Tip: Futures, Props and Early Odds to Win

Place early Breeders' Cup Futures and Breeders' Cup Odds to Win bets months in advance of the big race. Horses like Zenyatta , Goldikova offered odds as high as 9-1 in August of 2010. Were they any more or less favorites at 1/2 or 1/3 come race day? No, but betting on the Breeders' Cup months in advance is a relatively new thing to horse racing and most punters haven't caught up with this concept making for huge opportunities.

Breeders' Cup Handicapping Challenge: Horses squaring off for the first time.

Generally it is rare in horse racing to see an entire field of horses facing each other for the first time unless they are in the 2 year old category. During the Breeders' Cup we see this in every single race. Is the best horse in England better than the second best horse from New York? How does a Canadian horse stand up to the competition?

Breeders' Cup Handicapping Tip: Good luck.

There are simply too many variables to figure this out and there are!