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Welcome to the All Horse Racing Promotions and Specials page, keeping you up to date with more ways to win!

20% Initial Deposit Bonus
Get started today and enjoy 20% FREE CASH instantly when you make your first deposit!
5% FREE CASH Rebate on Sports Action
Have a tough month? Get 5% cash back on all Sports wagering losses every month with no limits. Sports rebates are credited on the 1st day of the following month year round.
Buy points online for all football games
If you don't like the point spread we are offering, simply change it. Move the Patriots from -4 to -3 with a few clicks of the mouse. Betting could not be any easier than with
If Bets
On an NFL Sunday there is just minutes between the morning games and the afternoon games. How do you get your second bet down? All Horse Racing has just the solution for you, If Bets. Its a simple bet in which you wager a fixed amount on one team and if that team wins, then the same amount as your original wager is placed on a different team. Now you never have to miss another game!
Progressive Parlays
Keep you in it even with a loss. Play an 8 team parlay and if 6, 7, or 8 teams win, you win. Play a 4 team parlay, if 3 or 4 teams win, you win. Even if you don't win all the games in your Progressive Parlay, you can Still Get Paid!
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