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The race for who will be President of the United States is gearing up-- John McCain has certainly secured the Republican Nomination for his party with endorsements from President Bush (Father and Son).

The real question on people's minds is whether Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will emerge as the Democratic Party's Nomination. A few months ago, a Clinton victory seemed all but assured. However, Obama has been able to leverage grass roots support and a message of hope that is not mired in "politics as usual."  Lately the contest has gotten tight.

Both candidates have focused on the economy recently. Ohio and Wisconsin are swing states with economic woes and large populations of blue-collar Democrats, a key part of Clinton's constituency.

Clinton also hopes to profit in Texas through her strength among Hispanics, who are expected to be at least one-quarter of the state's Democratic vote.

Victories in Texas and Ohio have become vital for Clinton as she tries to make up a gap with Obama in the race for pledged delegates awarded by the state-by-state contests to pick a Democratic nominee.

Clinton adviser Harold Ickes said she would nearly catch Obama in the delegate race if she won those two states, and the two would be roughly even when the primary process ends in June. He said she would battle all the way to the convention if necessary.

The ultimate winner could be determined by support from 796 "superdelegates" -- party insiders and elected officials who are free to back any candidate.

Who will be the Democratic Nominee?

Who will be the next President?

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Presidential Election 2009 is over.